Yummy Food Safari-Shanghai Small Group Tours


Starting time: 7:00pm Everyday
Finishing time: 10:00 pm
Pick up point: your hotel
Drop off point: your hotel
Food quantity: more than 20
Trip duration: 3 hours
Transportation: Our Yummy Shanghai Van


Sometimes, the regular menus in tourist restaurants can be boring, and you feel like you want some real authentic food for a change. If you are in Shanghai and this is the kind of feeling you have, let us give you a comfortable ride around the city to sample over 20 local delicious foods and drinks.

Our comfortable van will pick you up from your restaurant, take you to the hidden corners and streets where you will enjoy a variety of recipes and then drive you back to your restaurant afterward. You are sure to enjoy the trip and discover new delicacies and drinks.

Here is what we will do:

• Pick you up from your hotel or restaurant and drive you back later.
• Our well-trained guide will take around the corners and streets of Shanghai where they will not only show you local restaurants and eateries that prepare yummy foods and a variety of drinks, but they will also be telling the stories behind each of the meals.
• Our trip guides will always be with you throughout the trip.

Among others, these are some of the special experiences you will get:

– You will get to grill a Lamb Leg yourself on an open flame and share it with friends.

– Taste a variety of the locals’ favorite foods like the spicy crayfish, a yummy barbecue combo of oysters and baked vegetables, the best freshly prepared Scallop garlic, the unique local steamed dumplings with minced meat and also pan-fried dumplings, among other delicacies.

– You will enjoy watching the impressive procedures of cooking a water snake and other local delicacies.

– Have a taste of the best local fruit puddings and enjoy the best local drinks and beverages including Shanghai’s famous rice wine and beer.

– Get the chance to walk into the depths of the authentic Nongtang in the day and night and see how the people live and socialize and eat with them.

– You will get the chance to travel around the 100-year-old Nongtang and sample its specialty: the Beggar’s Chicken (Lotus leaf and mud wrapped chicken baked in an oven).

– You will also get to see various exciting stunts like slicing of noodles.

Your safety is guaranteed.

You need not worry about your security and safety of your items. You will be in safe hands. Again, it is worth mentioning that our product manager precisely selects the eateries and local restaurants we choose for the trip. These eateries and restaurants have been preparing food and drinks for our customers for years. They are safe and clean, so again, you need not worry about the safety of the meals you will eat. We use our own clean and disposable utensils for sharing food.

You can go on the trip with friends and family, but our group size is limited to only six people. So stay away from the fancy tourist restaurants for a day or two and interact with the locals as you eat the yummy local meals and enjoy a variety of unique drinks and beverages. It is going to be a fantastic experience.

Possible Tastings:

Roast Lamb Leg

Steamed dumplings filled with minced meat

Pan fried dumplings

Spicy crayfish

Deep fried Water snake

Baked Scallop with garlic

Baked Lotus root

Baked Rice cake

Baked Potato

Baked Corn

Steamed bun

Baked eggplant

Beggar Chicken


Local rice wine

Fruit Pudding