Yummy Beijing Food Safari-Beijing Tours

Tired of finding the same menu from one tourist restaurant to another? Well, local food in Beijing could be the right solution to help you change your menu. You can explore the hidden parts of Beijing in our comfortable vehicles where you can get over 15 delicious local foods. On top of that, you get access to unlimited drinks.

You have the opportunity to wrap famous peking duck meat in freshly made pancakes, taste the 5 favorite dim sums of empress dowager Cixi. There is no limitation concerning the menu where you cook meat and vegetables on open flames while enjoying the famous Beijing baijiu. You will enjoy your stay in Beijing to the maximum by walking into the depth of hutong and eat where We treat our family and friend.

Want to learn how to prepare some recipes? Well, you will get that here where you will watch See the stunts of slicing noodle, All this time you will be treating yourself to a local rice wine and beer. Make your stay in Beijing enjoyable by tasting the best local Fruits yogurt, walking into the depth of Hutong. This is where the natives live and eat.

So, why not spare a day from other tourists and enjoy the delicious local foods? You don’t have to stress about your safety. We have made your safety our priority by selecting clean and safe restaurants. We understand that you have come to have fun and a running stomach cannot allow that. That is our product manager takes great care during the selection of the eateries. These restaurants have served hundreds of our previous customers, and we have not experienced any ill results.

If you are wondering about how you will commute, that should be less of your worries. We provide transport where we will pick you at your hotel and drop you back. Our guide will take you around so you should not worry about getting lost.

So, what is so special about the trip?

  1. You will get to taste delicious local foods around Beijing
  2. Your transport from and back to the hotel is well catered through our comfortable vans.
  3. There are plenty of drinks
  4. You will get warm reception from the locals at Hutong
  5. You get to enjoy freshly cooked meals from top class local restaurants
  6. You get to take part in grilling your meat in the open flame
  7. You will be taken through every local food and the story behind by our well-trained guide. To make it more fun you be taken to see the stunts of slicing noodle.
  8. What can be more fun than sampling the most prominent Beijing rice wine? Well, you’ve got the chance to do it through this trip.
  9. You cannot say you have had enough of Beijing if you have not traveled to Hutong. It is 500 years old, and that tips you on what to expect here regarding local specialty. There is a lot to find here with lotus pancake wrapped peking duck baked in the oven being only but a sample.
  10. You get to learn how to prepare the yummy local recipes.
  11. During this trip, you can sample the excellent local dumplings-steamed dumplings which are filled with crushed meat and gravy and Pan-fried dumplings.
  12. Regarding cleanliness, we use our utensils to share food. They are very clean ensuring you do not contract any disease.
  13. You do not have to worry about being in a crowd of people which can deny you the chance to thoroughly enjoy yourself. We limit our group to 6 people.


Possible Tastings:

Beijing roast duck

kung pao shrimp balls

Double sides baked spicy chicken wing

Chinese donkey hamburger

Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings

5 favorite dim sums of empress dowager

Sliced noodle

Grilled meat on black oven

Grilled rib

Baked Scallop with garlic

Baked Lotus root

Lamb kebab

Baked Potato

Baked Leek

Baked eggplant


Local rice wine

Beijing yoghurt