What is the weather like in Beijing

Beijing has a continental monsoon and temperate climate, with great variation in temperature between night and day four different seasons.Winter in Beijing is dry and cold while summer is humid and hot. Autumn and spring are cool and short. The annual precipitation is typically heavy in summer between June and August with recurrent showers in both Julyand August. July is the hottest month (26 Degree) while January is the coldest (-4 Degree). There are various festivals throughout the year which provides ideal opportunities for learning customs and local life.Though, the most suitable season for traveling to Beijing in terms of the best season is September to November.


Beijing summer

Summer lasts 3 months from around 15th May to 15th September; From July to August Beijing is rainy and hot. The plenty annual rain falls during these months. July and August is also the hottest period. In the hottest months of summer, Shorts or light pants and T-shirts are the best options. It is also advisable to bring the umbrella, sun cream, and sunglasses.

Beijing autumn

Autumn lasts 2 months from around 5th September to 15th November. Autumn climate is cool, with the colorful leaves all over Beijing, comfortable sunshine, and of course a blue sky. The best season to visit Beijing is 5th September to 15th November. The temperature is always cool outside allowing you to explore the city’s street, spending your leisure time in the most classy restaurants and cafes, suburban mountain climbing, great wall hiking and enjoying the autumn scenery.It is worth noting that there is the huge temperature difference between in the early hours and afternoon. In the morning wear the warm coat or a jacket, while in the afternoon wear short T-shirts or long-sleeve. The temperature difference it must be taken into consideration. For the purpose of hiking rubber soled,comfortable sports shoes are needed. You also bring sun, sun cream and sunglasses hut in afternoon sometimes sunlight become strong.

Beijing Spring

lasts two months from 15th March to 15th May; In Beijing, warmer springtime begins early April. Heating systems are turned off in 15th
March.Dust and wind can possibly occur in March. Generally speaking, Beijing is dry and windy in spring. If you come about to visit
Beijing during spring, you can have great choices of activities and events in Beijing – Great Wall hiking, Kite flying, Spring flower
watching, Bird watching, Bike riding, Outskirts Hiking, Street strolling Farm stays, boat cruising Hot spring bathing, Tree planting, Fishing
tour and etc.Winter lasts three months from 15th November to 15th March. Winter is known to be the long and cold season. Days are short In winter because dark appears at 5 pm in Beijing. Beijing winter marks bring the best season with the Spring Festival Snow Ski, Hot Spring Spa,Ice Skate and many others.

Make sure you bring warm clothes with you in winter. It is a wise idea to dress in thick layers: down jacket, long underwear, sweater, and jeans.