VIP Beijing Essential Day Tour with Mutianyu Great Wall hike

Tour the Forbidden City up-close and intimately. Explore Tiananmen Square like a local.  Experience the world’s most serene 2-hour Great Wall Hike at Mutianyu, coming back around by cable car to soak in the natural beauty. On this deluxe Beijing small group tour, every activity will be perfectly planned, including a friend and delicious lunch, with absolutely no time wastage through shopping detours. Our premium China tours also promise a money back guarantee for our valued clients.

Beijing Small Group Tour Highlights

  • Coming eye to eye with Mao’s famous giant portrait at Tiananmen Square
  • Skipping the lines to tour the Forbidden City like a VIP guest
  • Exploring the world’s largest imperial palace complex
  • Enjoying a freshly cooked delicious lunch with local Beijing flavors
  • Hiking the scenic Great Wall of China at Mutianyu without the tourist rush
  • Taking extraordinary photographs of breathtaking landscapes and sights
  • Enjoying complimentary water, snacks and beverages at the Refreshment Kiosks
  • Becoming intimate with the places and landmarks thanks to informative narration by tour guides

Supporting Services For Your Convenience

  • Tour Guide: A friendly, helpful and resourceful tour guide, fluent in English, who will introduce you to the city with a far more personalized touch than the normal licensed tour guides.
  • Driver: A professional, reliable, local driver, with minimum 5 years’ driving experience.
  • Vehicle: Modern, comfortable, air-conditioned business cars with spacious 7-seater capacity, including GPS facilities and large windows for a clear view of the city.
  • Small Group Tour Beijing Office: Dedicated 24/7 customer service and help-line for registering and solving all your needs, queries and issues.

 Tour Map

Detailed Itinerary

Hotel pick-up at 7:00 AM

This transfer service is provided by china small group tours.

The morning of the Beijing small group tour, you will begin the tour at 7:00 AM, taking a comfortable and spacious car to the first stop, which is:

Tiananmen Square 7:30 – 8:30 AM 

To come to Beijing and not visit Tiananmen Square would be akin to not visiting Beijing at all! This is why it is the first stop on this Beijing Tour. The Tiananmen square is the pride of Beijing and the largest square in the world.

Your tour guide will provide you detailed commentary regarding the unique history, beautiful architecture, and memorable anecdotes of the square. You will also be provided ample time for photography in the end. This China small group tour will be comprising of no more than 4 to 6 people, offering good flexibility. 

Some important points to know beforehand:

  • The day before the tour, we request you to take out some time and find out more about your tour guide and confirm your pick-up time by visiting this site: We upload all tour information 24 hours before the tour date. In case there is any missing information, please contact your travel advisor.
  • The morning of the Beijing tour, you will find your tour guide waiting in the hotel lobby, holding a placard with the Small group tours name and insignia. We request you to present your confirmation letter to him, and you will be guided to the tour vehicle.
  • If you plan to leave Beijing after your day tour, we recommend that you check out from your hotel before departure. It typically takes hotel staff 10-20 minutes to oblige with the procedure. You may keep your luggage in our vehicle, and we will ensure that you are transported to the airport or train station directly after the tour concludes. If you wish to avail this, kindly inform us your departure times, and remind out tour guide.
Tian'anmen square

Tian’anmen square

Visit the Forbidden City 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Walking from the Middle Gate of the Tiananmen Rostrum, you will soon find yourself in front of an enormous red gate. You have just arrived at the highlight of the Beijing Tour – the Forbidden City, the largest imperial palace of the world with 9999.5 forbidden imperial chambers.

This venerable palace has been home to 24 Chinese Emperors in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1420-1911). You will marvel at the stunning styles and intricacies of ancient Chinese architecture, and be transported by the fascinated history of Chinese emperors.

Your tour guide will immediately take you to 10 carefully selected, most unmissable places in the Forbidden City, as recommended by local experts.

Important point to know beforehand:

  • If the tour group comprises of more than 3 people, we will provide individual FM headsets for audio convenience.
Forbidden city

Forbidden city

Drive to Mutiyanyu and lunch 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Following the end of the Forbidden City visit, your tour guide will drive you to the Great Wall at Mutianyu, where you will luncheon at a featured popular local Chinese restaurant called Xinshuangquan.

The travel to the Great Wall at Mutianyu will last no more than 1.5 hours, after which you will enjoy a delicious lunch and a relaxing break.

Important point to know beforehand:

  • By having lunch at Xinshuangquan, we save you previous time as we can then drive our vehicle directly to the foot of the Great Wall. Meanwhile, other tourists wait for the public transfer bus to take them to the Great Wall.
Xinshuangquan restaurant

Xinshuangquan restaurant

Hiking the Great Wall of China 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

The afternoon will comprise of hiking one of the greatest wonders of the world – the Great Wall of China. This part of the tour is featured on TripAdvisor as the top must-see destination for its picturesque scenery, beautifully restored architecture, and relatively less tourist rush.

In order to save time, we recommend that you to choose round-way cable car or round-way chairlift and toboggan to either ascend or descend from the Great Wall, rather than spending about 40 minutes climbing steps. (If you want to take the one-way cable car or one-way chairlift or toboggan, you must pay price difference of CNY80 per person at your own expense.)

The route typically takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Once you descend, a transfer bus will take you back to our Beijing tour vehicle.

Some important points to know beforehand:

  • We carefully selected these afternoon hours so that you may avoid the worst of the tourist and traffic rush at the Great Wall. This is also the ideal lighting time to take gorgeous photographs.
  • China small group tours has set up a dedicated Refreshments Kiosk at the foot of Mutianyu Great Wall just for you. Our customers will receive free drinking water at the service site.

Map of the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu

Mutianyu greatwall

Mutianyu  Great wall


Two-riders chairlift up and down


Single-rider toboggan descend at a safe speed

Transfer Back To Hotel 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

At the end of the tour, you will be directly driven back to your hotel, or if you must catch a flight or a train immediately, we will be more than happy to facilitate you in getting there. Please click here to book an airport transfer following the end of the Beijing small group tour

Thank you for choosing Small group tours for your China tour. We trust that this trip will bring you joy and satisfaction. It would be greatly encouraging for us for us, and we would be most thankful, if you rate us on TripAdvisor and share your experience on our Beijing small group tour, or alternatively post about it on your Facebook profile or any blog and recommend to others.


 Hotel pick-up and drop-off area

Beijing map

Beijing map

The hotel pick-up and drop-off area should be within the fourth ring road of Beijing. If there is any extra distance to be covered, additional charges will be applied.

What Makes Us Different

What makes us stand out from all the typical China small group tours? It is the personal touch we give to our Beijing tours. We conduct on-going in-depth research to discover our customers’ and general tourists’ favorite spots and the ideal sites for photography. This we, we are able to devise the best routes and tours, covering Beijing’s most coveted locations.

  • We elevate the Forbidden City experience: While other tours will only briefly take you to 6 unimportant rooms for a quick glance, our Beijing small group tour will ensure to give you a detailed look at 10 of the most significant palace chambers (including fine exhibitions, the royal opera house, and the Emperor’s living room).
  • We ensure you get the most out of your Great Wall hike: We have pinpointed the most classic, sought-after and stunning part of the Great Wall of China Wall — “The Golden Route” between the 14th and 23rd watch towers. Rather than taking a tiring, unexciting hike lasting over 3 hours from the entrance, you will get the VIP tour, the best photographs, and a reviving hike rather than a tiring one.
 Forbidden city

Forbidden city


Your time is valuable to us and we appreciate the time constraints on a vacation. That’s why we optimize on time saving by:

  • Avoiding traffic jams via interactive GPS systems in all vehicles
  • Perfectly timed afternoon hike on the Great Wall to dodge the rush
  • Pre-purchased online tickets for the Forbidden City to cut the tourist lines
  • Cableway access to the Great Wall rather than having to climb 800 tedious steps
  • Absolutely no shopping detours to minimize time wastage

Forbidden city skipline

Forbidden city skip line

Great wall inspection

Great wall inspection

Our product team meticulously inspects each aspect of every one of our Beijing small group tours to guarantee that we maintain the highest standards, and ensure that all our information is authorized and up-to-date.

Forbidden city Tour guide

Forbidden city Tour guide

Our tour guides are licensed by China National Tourism Administration. They only work for Trippest. We don’t use freelance tour guides.

A Little About Us

Unlike most online tour operators who sell tour products made by local travel agents, we built our own branch company in Beijing in 2010, and since then have been developing our own unique and original products, including comprehensive China tours. Our aim is to keep delivering high-value, deluxe China tours to all our valued customers. We have more than 50 local staff members in Beijing available to help you solve any queries or problems on the spot.