Tian’an men Square

The magical and enchanting Chinese history never fails to leave the people in awe! One such example is the magnificent and fairytale-like Tiananmen Square, situated at the heart of Beijing it is the largest in the world. The square is so huge that a collection of attractions are situated in it. If you are on a Beijing tour, this beauty of construction must be on your bucket list. What’s there to see? You must ask what not! The Tiananmen Square has the following marvels that you can treat your eyes with;

  • Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall
  • Monument to the People’s Heroes
  • The Tiananmen Tower
  • Great Hall of the People

Further, if you’re lucky enough you can witness the national flag hoisting ceremony too.

The Tiananmen Square facts are really attention gathering. Let’s begin with the Tiananmen Square’s history and its attractions, accordingly!

The Tiananmen Tower

The history of China has witnessed a long line of monarchs! Situated in the north of the Square is the Tiananmen Tower. Historically, the tower was used to make public announcements declaring the new emperor’s empresses. Built in the year 1417 during the rule of Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 A.D.), the tower was forbidden for outsiders to enter except the royals and the nobles of the state, this carried on until the year 1911 when the last Chinese monarchy ended.

This will surely be something worth exploring! A Tiananmen Square

Exploring the Monument to People’s Heroes  

Entering the Tiananmen Square, right in the centre you’ll see a monument erected, built with granite this is the largest monument ever to be constructed in the history of China. The famous line by Chairman Mao “The People’s Heroes are Immortal” can be seen engraved on it. Further, the monument comprises of the 8 humungous sculptures erected to display the progress of modern China’s history. The monument is simplistically beautiful, with its railings of white marble.

Awestruck? Wait till you see what’s ahead!

A peek into The Great Hall of the People

This large building is not so ancient yet is a treat to watch! Located in the West of the Square this building was built in the year 1959 and is the center of the China National People’s Congress different political activities. The structure is divided into different structures;

  • The three main parts; the Great Auditorium, The Central Hall and the Banquet Hall.
  • The Great Auditorium; the enormous hall for meetings can accommodate a staggering 10,000 people.
  • The Central Hall; elegance is in the air with the marble flooring and the ceiling with the crystal lamps.
  • The Banqueting Hall; a hall with a capacity to comfortably accommodate 5,000 people at once.

The Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao

The large hall towards the South of the Square is the one! The Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao. Out of the three sub-divisions of this hall in one of them, you’ll find the crystal coffin that contains the body of the Great Chairman Mao. The coffin is surrounded by fresh and fragrant flowers and grass.

The hall has recently been renovated and had been closed from March 1st to August 31st, 2017.

A Trip to the National Museum of China

The east of the hall is equally fascinating with the National Museum of China located there. Although the museum is quite a recent construction (built in 2003) yet the relics and remains of the gloriously illustrative past of China, dating back to as old as 1,700,000 years to the year 1921 when the most recent monarch vacated the throne and books, cultural transcripts, models and etc.

The museum is divided into two different segments;

  • Chinese History Museum; this area deals in the ancient relics of China
  • Chinese Revolutionary Museum; the segment has a display of books, pictures, illustrations and literature that shows the development phase of the modern China.

The Flag Hoisting Ceremony

The graceful ceremony is daily attended by a large number of people. You need to get to the Square before sunrise to get an appropriate place! The stands on both east and west of the Tiananmen Square were free for the public on the first day of 2012, yet now they are only available for group reservations on the first every month. The ceremony is a real treat to watch, the red flag with the gold stars flying sky high!

The Tiananmen Square is currently a huge 440,000 square meters, the people find it a place to enjoy and relax. A number of people can be seen flying kites and walking leisurely around! Fresh flowers are seen to cover the whole square on holiday!

Interested in the tour? Take a detailed overview of Tiananmen Tower, so when you visit it, you know exactly how magnificent a building you are looking at!

History and Details of the Tiananmen Tower (Gate of Heavenly Peace)

The point that joins both the Beijing and the Chang’an Avenue on the north edge of the Tiananmen Square, the glorious Tiananmen Tower stands. The Ming and Qing Dynasties have used it as their gatehouse. Furthermore, the significance of this tower is such that the badge of the People’s Republic of China boats the picture of this tower.

Dimensions of the Gate of Heavenly Peace

  • The historical and magnificent tower is 66 meters in length, 37 meters in width and has a height of 37 meters.
  • The tower is built on top of 5 arched gateways. The middle one is a larger than the other four and was used by the emperors, while the others were used by the government officials and important ministers.
  • The archway has quite a large portrait of Mao Zedong hanging over it. The sides accommodate to huge placards, the one in the west reads “Long Live the People’s Republic of China” whereas the east reads, “Long Live the Great Unity of the World’s Peoples”.

Done? Not yet! You have still a bucket full to look at!

The Golden Water Bridge which is adjacent to the Tiananmen Tower has 7 bridges made of beautiful white marble and carved extreme craftsmanship. The center was the pathway for the emperor is wider than the rest. The Huabiao are erected in front of the main archway, they are two columns of stone that engraved with dragons. Each of the tower weighing a staggering 10 tons each and 10 meters in height. Two lion sculptures are seen to guarding the entrance while the other two are seen guarding the bridges.

When touring the city of Beijing, you can see the tower resting on a platform that has a double-eaved roof.  The roof is 9 bays in width and has a depth of 5 bays. The structure is made to display the greatness of the emperor.      

A group tour to Tiananmen Square would be a great time to venture the around in the Chinese history! Mark it as a must if you are in the mood for Beijing tour or a China tour would also include this.