One-day Zhouzhuang and Jinxi Water Town Tour

If you wish to take a tour of an “Oriental Venice”, you have arrived at the right place. The Zhouzhuang Water Town and Jinxi Water Town are two of China’s ancient settlements which float atop watery waves and await you to experience their delights and wonders on an exclusive one-day VIP tour.

Your aquatic trip will begin with a visit to the beautiful and ancient water town of Zhouzhuang, ranked among CNN’s top 10 most beautiful towns of the world.

Here you will indulge in a leisurely and picturesque boat ride, take phenomenal photographs from atop the romantic stone bridge, drink in the views of the scenic little town from the riverside, and delight your taste buds with a freshly cooked delicious feast.

Once you have had your fill of the grand Zhouzhuang, you will be transported to the equally magical and scenic Jinxi water town for a different yet just as enjoyable experience.

Here, you will visit 3 ancient museums, take countless photographs of the stunning scenery, and be safely driven back to your hotel at the end of the day.

Tour Highlights

  • View the beautiful scenery that has featured in several movies including the “Shanghai Triad” with your very own eyes.
  • Take a gondola ride down the canals to closely observe the unique and fascinating life of these colorful ancient water towns.
  • Indulge in delectable authentic water town dishes at an exclusive Zhouzhuang restaurant.
  • Explore the 2000 year old water town Jinxi and each of the 36 ancient bridges spanning across its rivers.
  • Visit 3 fascinating Shanghai museums including “The Museum of Antique Tiles and Bricks”, “The Red Porcelain Products Museum”, and “The Root Caving Museum of China”.
  • Have access to free drinking water and other refreshments at our exclusive China small group tours Kiosk.
  • Gain real insightinto the rich history and culture of the Zhouzhuang and Jinxi water towns through our tour guide’s in-depth narrations.
  • Video and 6 pamphlets will be provided to you to properly introduce you to the many hidden gems of the city of Shanghai

Supporting Services for Your Convenience

Best Guides: Our exclusive licensed tour guides speak fluent English and are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Experienced Drivers: We only hire reliable and licensed local drivers who have minimum 5 years’ driving experience

Deluxe Vehicles: Spacious, modern and air-conditioned business cars equipped with GPS facilities and large windows so you don’t miss the sights

China small group tours Shanghai Office: Our backup support team is fluent in English and more than happy to solve any issues, answer any queries and improve your experience.

Professional Product Analysis: Our dedicated product team analyses every aspect of the Shanghai tour to guarantee you the best possible services, experiences, and enjoyment.  


Shanghai Tour Map

Detailed Itinerary

The day before your Shanghai tour…

The day before the tour, we request you to take out some time and find out more about your tour guide and confirm your pick-up time by visiting this site:  We upload all tour information 24 hours beforehand. In case there is any missing information, please contact your travel advisor.

Hotel Pickup 8:30 AM

The morning of the tour, you will be greeted by your tour guide in the hotel lobby between 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM. Simply show your confirmation letter and you will be guided to a premium business car for the start of your deluxe tour.

Journey to Zhouzhuang Water Town 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

You will first be transported to Zhouzhuang, an ancient Chinese water town built amid quaint canals, peaceful ponds, and scenic lakes. As you glide down the historic canals on a memorable gondola ride, you will see that the charming water town of Zhouzhuang houses several unique and delightful sights. These include boats floating serenely upon the peaceful water surface, and a colorful bustling water town full of activity and artistically beautiful buildings and bridges built in both the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing dynasties (1644–1911).

Most Shanghai tours would simply sail through the city letting you only glance at the Zhouzhuang water town and its many wonders. Our exclusive Shanghai small group tour has carefully selected 3 of the most representative old house to give you a more intimate tour of this beautiful and magical water town.

  • Shen’s House. Built in 1742, this stunning compound houses seven royal courtyards, five towering archways, a gate and wharf for mooring boats, and more than a hundred grand rooms over an area of 2000 square meters.
  • Zhang’s House.Built between 1436 and 1449, Zhang’s House spans over 1,800 square meters and comprises of six beautiful courtyards and over seventy beautiful rooms, with a square pool in the center of the state.
  • Ye Chucang’s Residence. Ye Chucang (1887–1946) was a poet and a statesman known for organizing a group of youths to publicize against gambling and opium and steer people away from these practices. His historically significant residence prevails, and it contains five picturesque courtyards, the Main Hall which served as his studio, and the Rear Hall where he greeted and entertained his friends.

The Shanghai small group tours have no more than 4 to 6 people, offering good time flexibility for asking questions, exploring the sights, and taking photographs.



Important points to know beforehand:

  • The hotel pick-up and drop-off area should be within the middle ring road of Shanghai. If there is any extra distance to be covered, additional charges will be applied.
  • If you plan to leave the city after your Shanghai tour, we recommend that you check out from your hotel before departure. It typically takes hotel staff 10-20 minutes to oblige with the procedure. You may keep your luggage in our vehicle, and we will ensure that you are transported to the airport [NOTE: The Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, not Pudong Airport] or any train station directly after the tour concludes. If you wish to avail this, kindly inform us your departure times, and remind out tour guide.


Scenic floating lunch by the waterway 11:30 AM – 12:30 AM

 zhouzhuang lunch

zhouzhuang lunch

After your immersive tour of the glorious Zhouzhuang water town, while most Shanghai small group tours would take tourists back to the city for lunch, you will be treated to a restful break and a delectable lunch from an exclusive China Highlights designated restaurant right on the waterside. Leaning over scenic waters from the second story of the building, you will feel as if you are floating above the water as you devour a specially prepared meal ringing with authentic Chinese water town flavors.

The lunch menu is carefully selected by our product managers based on the preferred customer tastes from all around the world for the best gourmet experience. We also make special arrangements based on your preferences, so simply let us know your food requests beforehand and we will be happy to oblige!

Jinxi Ancient Water Town 12:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Once you have had your fill of the wondrous Zhouzhuang water town, it is time to start exploring another of Shanghai’s water-based jewels: the ancient Jinxi water town.



Compared to other water towns of China, Jinxi may be less advanced and less sophisticated, but its quiet and simple nature holds its own magical scenic beauty and endless charm. The small town is less than a square kilometer in area, yet it contains 16 stunning lakes, 36 ancient bridges, and 238 flowing rivers! The uniquely different architectural styles of the various bridges are a reflection of the dynastic periods in which they were built.

jinxi water town

jinxi water town

Naturally, Jinxi water town is famous for its extremely picturesque sights, its rich 2000 year-old history, and its well-preserved ancient architecture. This is the ideal stop to take countless photographs of each and every part of the gorgeous water town in order to capture its mesmerizingly quaint beauty.

Transfer Back To Hotel Or On To the Airport 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

At the end of the tour, you will be directly driven back to your hotel, or if you must catch a flight at the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or a catch a train from any station immediately, we will be more than happy to facilitate you in getting there. Please click here to book an airport transfer following the end of the Shanghai small group tour

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In-Depth Discovery
China small group tours prides itself on offering and conducting the best and most enjoyable, informative, convenient and comfortable tours in and around the beautiful, historical and vibrant city of Shanghai. We feel a professional obligation to conduct research and constantly monitor feedback and constructive criticism from our previous customers’ visits to favorite spots and the best sites to take photos. We also work out the best routes to cover Shanghai’s top sights:

In Zhouzhuang: You will take a gondola and see for yourself the hustle and bustle of life of the people living by the canals, often colourful and very interesting as you glide by.

At Lunch Restaurant : We will take you to our designated restaurant by the side of water way, have some nicely made local food on the second floor where you could view the best part of water village.

in depth tour

in depth tour

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