How to book Forbidden city tickets in advance-three options

The Palace museum has announced that it will start to limit the number of daily visitors to 80,000 starting June 13, 2015, and only allow the visitors to book the Forbidden city tickets online in advance. The new measure aims to improve the security, enhance maintenance as well as improve the experience of visitors in Forbidden City. This museum is usually regarded as world heritage site. As a result, they have made a decision to safeguard cultural integrity as well as enhance the safety of ancient architecture that this museum takes pride off. The new measure will now require all visitors interested to visit the museum to register online and also reserve tickets online. In addition to that, travel agencies are now required to book their tickets online on tour group category. Individuals who want to visit the museum are also encouraged to book their tickets online and in advance. For more information on how to book for tickets online, visit the official museum website, Wechat, or Weibo.

Forbidden city Tour guide

Forbidden city Tour guide

Below are the three easy way to get the ticket for the forbidden city:

1, To book Forbidden city tickets on official website.

Individuals who are planning to visit palace museum are advised to book their tickets online and in advance prior to the actual day of visit. To book for Forbidden city tickets, individual visitors are actually required to register for online booking on When you visit the website, you will be asked to open your own user account then provide necessary information. The information that you will be asked to submit include number of people visiting the museum (maximum 5 tickets), ID card or passport of every visitor and day of visit. On the actual day of visit, any visitor ID or passport can be used by the visitor to redeem ticket at ticketing window. However, all visitors must ensure that they carry their passport or ID just in case a random check is conducted.

Individual visitors from Macau,Taiwan, Hong Kongas well as those from foreign countries can use their passport when registering online. If the individual group comprise both international visitors and mainland Chinese citizens, then mainland Chinese citizen will be asked to present their ID cards when redeeming tickets and also at entrance.

Individual visitors in group that comprises of international visitors as well as those from Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan can use their passport instead of using ID cards when booking tickets online. If the online payment is successful, the system will automatically generate reservation number.Visitors will be asked to present the reservation number and original passport at the ticket window on actual day of visit. In addition to that, international visitors will also be asked to presenttheir reservation number in exchange for ticket that bears a QR code prior to entrance. The exchange will be completed at designated window . All individual visitors are supposed to carry their passport with them just in casea random check is performed.

The new online booking system actually allows visitors to buy entrance tickets 10 day prior to actual visit. However, it is important to note that tickets will actually not be sold after 9Pm, the day prior to the actual visit. In addition to that, the number of visitors who have booked can be fewer on the actual day of visit. However, they should not be more than the number of individuals who have registered. Those who will change their mind and decide to cancel their tickets can do so before ticket sales window is closed.

All individual visitors who have booked tickets are entitled to get a receipt after successfully online booking. Individual receipt can be picked at designated office within 30 days before the day of actual visit.

Step by step booking procedure

Visit , the official Palace Museum website and book your tickets. Unfortunately, the official website has no English version. Visitors who cannot read Chinese can use Google translate. In order to complete ticket buying process successfully, you will be asked to provide your phone number in order to verify your order. You will also need to submit your local Chinese bank card or Alipay account. Unfortunately, foreign cards are not accepted. Foreign visitors can contact their Chinese friends to help them.

Booking procedure

Step 1: Select your preferred visiting time

Visit the official website homepage and select your preferred visiting time and date then click the quick buy button to proceed.

Step 2: Fill visitor information

When buying Forbidden city tickets, you will have three options to choose from. They include student, adult and senior. Select the passport section then fill your passport information including your full names and passport number. If you have other member coming, click add then add all other members then click next to proceed. Remember that all members added will be checked at the entrance meaning that there is a chance that not all will be granted admission. Children who are below 1.2 meters will be granted free admission.

Step 3: Select gallery tickets

Select exhibition tickets to book your tickets. If you wish to visit Hall of Clocks or The Treasure exhibition, then you will be asked to purchase additional tickets. If you don’t wish to visit, click next.

Step 4: Confirm order information

You need to confirm your information to see if they are all correct. You also need to provide your local mobile phone in order to obtain the verification code. Once you have received the code from your phone, submit it then click next. (Ignore the invoice section, unless you need one).

Step 5: Pay for your Forbidden city tickets

You have two payment options to choose form. They include your local bank or Ali pay. When you click pay, you will be redirected to a separate page in order to complete the payment process.

Step 6: Complete the process

Once you successfully make your payment, go back to payment method page and click payment successful button. Once you are done, the booking process will be complete and you can view your Forbidden city tickets details by clicking the order number section.

Step 7: Check your booking:


2, Book tickets with China small group tours team-Recommended

When you send us your request, we will immediately send you a PayPal invoice to the email address that you provided. You can pay us via your PayPal card or using your credit card. Once we have confirmed your payment, we will book tickets on your behalf within 2 hours and send you your booking information via email.We will charge only 3 dollars for booking Forbidden city tickets in advance!


3, To buy ticket on the tour date by yourself

Although the palace museum usually encourage visitors to buy tickets online and in advance, it is still possible to purchase ticket upon arrival. If you want to buy ticket upon arrival, you will be asked to present your valid passport or ID. Mainland Chinese visits who don’t have valid ID cards must present ID that has been issued by Local Public Authority Bureau before buying the tickets.

You will have two ways to purchase tickets in person. They include buying though Alipay via your phone. You can scan the QR code then present it when you arrive that the Palace Museum. You can also purchase your ticket by visiting the Comprehensive Service Window at the Forbidden City then ask one of the staff to buy tickets on your behalf. However, using this methods is a huge gamble because you may find that tickets have been sold out. You will also be forced to spend more time queuing before you get the tickets.

Comprehensive Service Window

How to pick your tickets and enter the Palace Museum

Once you have successfully booked your tickets online, visit the Forbidden City on the date and time that you had booked then present your passport at the Comprehensive Service Window to any staff. You information will be confirmed and they match with their data, you be given your ticket which you can use to gain access to the Forbidden City.

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