Daily VIP Guilin Longji Rice Terraces and Mountain Village Tour-China Small Group Tours

Discover and learn the local cultures of Yao and Zhuang people and enjoy the beautiful environment of the Longji Rice Terraces by participating on a whole day tour from Guilin. You will learn about the Zhuang and Yao people by visiting Huangluo Yao village; these people have cultivated rice in Longji terraces for over 800 years. You will also have a chance to taste Bamboo rice- a special rice cooked in a bamboo tube. From there, we will visit Ping’an village and also explore the Longji Rice Terraces. Before I forget, keep your camera handy because the scenes in this region are stunning.

Highlights of the visit:

  • It will be an all-inclusive tour
  • Instant confirmation
  • Break from daily routine and traffic noise
  • We have friendly and professional guide
  • There are no more than 6 people in your group, thus personalized service
  • You will enjoy free hotel pickup and drop-off

Tour schedule:

8 am-8.45am

You will be picked by a friendly, English-speaking guide/driver from your hotel. It will take 2 hours to drive from Guilin to the Longji terraces. You will have a 10-minute stop for refilling and break.




You will be arriving in Huangluo Yao Village, where you will find houses built by the mountain and river. They are associated with happiness and fortune. One surprising thing about this village is that it has 120 adult females living there, 80 of whom have natural hair of up to 1.4 meters. You will watch how they are able to live with such long hair; how they wash, braid, and make unique and beautiful hair coils.



Its lunch hour, right? You will learn how local people make their delicious rice which is cooked in bamboo tubes and simmered in slow fire. The raw rice absorbs bamboo ingredients and taste as it cooks. The tour guide will explain the process of preparing Bamboo rice and its benefits- you will find out that Bamboos are not just for pandas.


Time to go to Ping’an Village to admire the beautiful rice terraces. Your drive will take you up the mountain for about 30 minutes. You will be required to walk and climb a few meters so that you can have a great view of the whole village. Locals offer a sedan chair, which you can also use to climb up there.


Time for hiking. The rice terraces in Longsheng have a history. They started constructing the terraces about 800 years ago when Yao people fled from Yuan Dynasty. They occupied this mountainous area. After excavating long ranges for planting rice, they turned the area into fertile fields for growing rice. The stair-like slopes of the mountain work as a water storage areas used for irrigating rice.


  • It will be a convenient time to go back to Guilin. Another 2-hour drive back to Guilin to end a well-spent day.
  • Other Tour Highlights
  • The guide will help people trek through Longji Rice Terrace and walk across Yao village. You will learn Yao’s way of life
  • Lunch; you will get an opportunity to dine with the locals eating bamboo rice
  • The Locals; you will interact with long-haired Yao women to know how they take care of the hair. You will learn the culture and way of life of Zhuang people
  • Convenience; you will be picked and dropped off at your desired location
  • Personalized service; you will travel in 9-seater MPV while larger group will travel in different cars
  • Drivers and Guide; have vast experience in tour guide (5+ years) and driving experience (7+years)