About China Small Group Tours

Who are we? 

We are one of the leading tour operator in China with four branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Guilin to facilitate people accordingly. Each of our four branches maintains the best standard services anytime and anywhere. Being the leading Chinese operator we receive more than 40,000 clients each year. Our esteemed and expert team makes sure tonever miss a highlight, never waste a minute and make most of your journey with us. Friendly and gregarious attitude of our tour guides will provide you a buoyant experience while limiting to a mini group will amplify the serenity of exquisite surroundings and will transform your expense into a blissful reminiscence for good.

Our Mission:

The true essence of traveling lies within the quality of experience, based on the memories cherished and the composure of an ecstatic itinerary. Our online travel agency, China Small Group Tours brings you a perennial joyous tour for small groups of one to six persons, to accentuate your experience by all means. Small group tours are our main focus because we believe in providing convenience, comfort and ease during your dream tour with reduced tour planning and haphazard, local tour guide and some people to hangout with and have a time of your life!

Why choose us:

Guarantee Daily Departure with no more than 6 participants:

We provide guaranteed schedule and time table to never waste a minute. Starting from dawn to dusk, planning the visits according to its view specifications of day and night. Exploration from the undiscovered derelict places to the most recommended sites to value your every penny spent. Hiking great wall, discovering misery of Forbidden City, witnessing the wonders of world: Terracotta Army, deciphering the artful sculpture and enjoying a full course appetite, we have all covered for you! Small group adds to all this through allowance of propitious stay at each location and adore the out loud serenity, peace and calmness of the environment. Capturing the memory and living a moment together brings the true essence of a perfect tour. No rush hours, no sudden outburst of screams and no hasty shift of plans will thwart your journey. We promise only the best to you with no compromises ever.

Easy to book

Customer ease is our top priority. We provide you the most user-friendly services to contact us, book tour with us and pay to us through simplest and quickest means. We value your time and to make your beginning satisfactory we have organized simpler means formalities. What if you find TODAY, the commencement of short holiday and you plan a trip with friends or family? No worries! We have got your back through the facility of Instant online bookings; because even last minutes make a difference and every moment marks a memory. In addition to our friendly services, the assistance of our professional tour guides saves your money through availing discounts on tours at historical monuments, amusement parks and even sightseeing locations.

Professional Guide Service

Advantages of tour guide accompanied trip don’t only stop here, but enhances your visual experiences with provision of detailed historical backgrounds and specialties of a place to make the visit even memorable.A well planned itinerary makes or breaks a travel.

Best customer service

Our core belief is to provide the best quality to customers to never break their trust. Once, twice or million times, we are always at your service. 24/7 day and night we assure you our complete guidance and assistance just a call away. To ensure your trust, we facilitate you with the highlights of our previous trips and itineraries beforehand. You can find our reviews online as well and also provide us your highly valued feedback after traveling with us to make our vision a success. Customer support is guaranteed anytime, anywhere by our tour guides. We will keep you safe and sound through our expert management, who is well aware of every location, every route and every stop to facilitate in the best possible way and provide alternate solutions when needed to keep you out of trouble.

We reside in the four cities of China mentioned above with our strong network and skills to make the most of your investment in us. Our abundant experience and valuable contacts validate that we are ideal to provide you with the best economical tours resulting in imperishable joy. From monetary understanding to security analysis, we aid you with the exclusive experience of your life. Want your Sunday be a Fun day? Call us right away! We ensure you the eleventh hour plans with the same commitment like the rest. Your happening experience marks our services.Visit us at your earliest to make your dream trip turn into a reality. We look for your support and promise you our excellent services. Save your time, and money, leave your worries behind and let us plan for you the most refreshing and mesmerizing travel experience ever. Ensuring about your safety and security, we’d let you feel the true essence of a trip.